Zasilanie, pomiary i elektronika

Mierzenie, lutowanie, wiercenie - MONACOR ma odpowiednie narzędzia dla profesjonalistów i amatorów

MONACOR daje podstawy do działania dla każdego kto działa w branży elektrycznej, estradowej. Nasz zakres przyrządów do lutowania, komponentów zrób to sam, technikibattery charging technology, and measurement technology appeals to all professionals who want to rely on high-quality products at a low price. Whether you e building speakers yourself, installing a PA system or measuring leads, MONACOR has the right tools and accessories for you.

Batteries and battery charging technology for a perfect independent power supply
MONACOR perfectly powers your battery-powered devices. We offer a huge range of powerful batteries in all common sizes, from the button battery to the powerful lead-acid battery. Reliable lithium-ion batteries are also part of our selection. If you opt for batteries, there are also the appropriate chargers available from MONACOR.

Professionally test cables and lines with devices from MONACOR

Do you want to know if the current electricity throughput of your PA system is good enough? Or would you like to measure the resistance of your PA system? For this and many other purposes, our range of high quality digital multimeters, DMX test equipment for stage equipment, or sound level measurement systems are on hand. You can also professionally determine the light intensity of your lighting technology with a digital luxmeter from MONACOR. Or you can check the functionality of your system that you have created with MONACOR installation power supplies.

Reliable tools, powerful soldering stations, and more
With MONACOR you always have the right tool for your sound and light installations at hand. You can even modify or repair boards or switches with optimally adjustable soldering stations. By the way, if you manufacture components by yourself, MONACOR will also find the right accessories with switches or controllers in many different variations.
Our category for DIYers and technicians is rounded off with a comprehensive range of cleaners, adhesives, and oils, with which you can perfectly maintain or repair your sound or lighting systems.

Measuring instruments, tools, batteries, and more for professional technicians and DIY - MONACOR,