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Useful helpers - Velcro tape, gaffa tape, and more from MONACOR
Where cables are laid, and devices are connected, cable chaos is usually unavoidable. Our "Useful Tools" can help and also support you in your work in a practical way. MONACOR offers a wide range of velcro straps for cabling, gaffa, and mounting materials. Lighting solutions for workplaces, ear protection or cable drums complete are also available.

With simple means, order with your wiring can be achieved.

Stage technicians always have to keep track of everything at a concert. For countless meters of cables have to be laid for each appearance, for the sound system, for microphones, and lighting technology. A very simple and efficient solution is Velcro. MONACOR has many different variants in its portfolio. Cable strands can thus be quickly and safely bundled and arranged. The good thing about it: the Velcro straps can be used multiple times.

For safe transport and storage of longer cable runs, MONACOR offers robust cable drums in various designs.

If installation work involves temporarily fixing or masking cables, Gaffa Tape is the right solution. The glue rolls simply belong in every tool box of technicians or DIYers. Gaffa tape by MONACOR is available in different widths and colours. It is characterised by its high abrasion resistance and good adhesion even on hard-to-stick surfaces.

Other accessories for the stage
Our useful helpers for stage technicians are not limited to adhesive tapes and Velcro tapes. To protect your hearing at concerts, there is the matching MONACOR hearing protection in the form of efficient ear plugs. If you want to securely fasten boxes, tarpaulins, decorations or other things on stages and events, MONACOR will benefit you with our selection of eyelets, chain quick-release fasteners and a large selection of safety cords. This allows devices with a weight of up to 20 kilograms to be secured with single-stranded and even higher weights with two-strand mounting.

Our useful tools are rounded off with foot switches. These are indispensable on stage to turn musical instruments on and off quickly and easily.

Wykorzystaj przydatne akcesoria do techniki scenicznej, oświetleniowej i na potrzeby eventów od MONACORU - potwierdzona jakość w niskiej cenie!